6 PRIVACY NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. The New Privacy Sub-Professions for a post May 2018 GDPR world.

In this blog post I discuss the wave of opportunity GDPR creates and the 6 new Privacy Sub Professions likely created for a post May 2018 World

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TOP 10 Questions To Ask a “GDPR Expert”

In this post I discuss the rise of “GDPR experts”, the top 10 questions organisations seeking expertise and practitioners new to the field should be asking themselves.

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If Adele was a Cyber Attacker – “Hello” rewritten!

Welcome to my first blog post! The chances are that you’ve landed on this post and maybe not had the chance to see what the site is actually all about. For now its all about this post, as its the beginning of my adventure into the blogosphere! You can listen to the podcast version of […]

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