Welcome To The InfoRisky Blog

The aim of the InfoRisky blog and accompanying podcast is to shed some light on topics which impact nearly all of us – cyber security and privacy. In the blog I’ll share my thoughts and opinions on some of the hot topics in these areas.

Why did I branch out into blogging/podcasting:

In order for me to share my thoughts and opinions on the latest security and privacy news I need to keep my finger on the pulse of current events in this field. So hopefully its a win win for me and you, the reader / listener. You get some thought provoking content and I continue to develop and maintain my knowledge. Also, this is also very much a creative outlet for me. Something to keep my overactive brain happy.

Background on me:

You can find out a bit more about my career on Linkedin. But as a summary I’ve been working in the security field for the past 11 years and in the privacy field for the past 5. I have had commercial sales roles selling security technologies and services to organisations, been the Information Security & Privacy Officer for a division of a large international bank and also a security, privacy & risk consultant for one of the BIG 4 consulting firms.

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