6 PRIVACY NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. The New Privacy Sub-Professions for a post May 2018 GDPR world.

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My last post discussed the market demand created by GDPR and the new entrants into the world of Privacy. Some who genuinely want to embrace and immerse themselves in a rewarding profession and other so called “GDPR Experts” who see the next 7 months to compliance as a great opportunity to capitalise on the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding GDPR.

Whether you’re a seasoned Privacy professional or a new entrant to the market, there is one undeniable fact – the Privacy market and landscape is changing and its going to look very different post May 2018.

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TOP 10 Questions To Ask a “GDPR Expert”

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the hottest topics right now and ensuring compliance is a board agenda for most organisations. The challenge is that achieving compliance is no easy task, with many organisations grappling with limited resources and time fast running out to the compliance deadline of May 2018.  The limited resources include, budget, staff but also individuals who can interpret the regulation and provide robust guidance aligned to the data processing activity of the organisation. These individuals have in the past been lawyers, compliance / risk officers or Data Protection Officers who have studied the previous European Data Protection Directive 1995 and or in the UK, the Data Protection Act 1998.

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Are Cyber Security Recruitment Agencies A Security Risk?

In this blogpost I discuss the rapid growth of the cyber security recruitment industry and the potential risks this poses to security and privacy professionals and the organisations they support. I discuss two key risks, their impacts and potential options to manage the risk.

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Let me start by stating to all those security industry recruiters that it is not my intention to alienate your businesses or bring you negative press. As a security professional I want to share something which has got me thinking for some time and I want to create some debate and discussion around this topic. So at the risk of all security recruiters ceasing all contact with me, I will continue.

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If Adele was a Cyber Attacker – “Hello” rewritten!

Welcome to my first blog post! The chances are that you’ve landed on this post and maybe not had the chance to see what the site inforisky.com is actually all about. For now its all about this post, as its the beginning of my adventure into the blogosphere!

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As some background, I have been in the cyber security and privacy space for the past 11 or so years and I love it deeply! In a world with so much tech and data, security and privacy touches all our lives.  I want to start contributing more to the industry which has given me so much and so I created this blog. Over the coming months and hopefully years, you’ll see news, articles and my views on the latest Security & Privacy news. 

 “In a world with so much tech and data, security and privacy touches all our lives.”

For now I wanted to start with something a little tongue in cheek. I sat thinking about what to write on my first blog post, it has to be profound and thought provoking, right? I need to make a huge mark, surely? I reconsidered. In a world with so much seriousness let’s start with a bit of humour, supported by a serious message. That serious message is that many organisations and individuals have been massively impacted by security and privacy related issues.


Hello, its me!

Whilst I sat at my desk attempting to write my first post – and I must say how difficult it is to work out what your message is to the world, Adele’s Hello was playing in the background. A thought came to mind,  what if Adele was a hacker / cyber attacker? How would Hello be rewritten? The end result is the below. If I can get enough retweets and shares & followers, I plan to actually sing (or get someone I know who can sing, unlike me, who would sound like a strangled donkey) to record a cover.

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